Young Working Adults

Patria Young Adults is a ministry that focusses on the young adult generation in George. This is the generation that powerfully influences campus students or the work environment that they find themselves in. We believe that “church” is not only a Sunday gathering but impacting every sphere of society with love, truth and the power of Jesus on a daily basis. Jesus Christ is the only Hope and He is our only hope – on campus, in our families and at work. This will always remain the centre of the ministry – to connect people to Christ and what He has done where after equipping them to engage others that do not know Christ.

Our Goal

Our goal is to effectively reach and disciple the unsaved and un-discipled young adult generation in George. This we do through engaging them with the Gospel, establishing them in biblical foundations and spiritual family, equipping them to be effective in their areas of influence and entrusting leadership responsibilities to them within a local church context. This is done within our DNA which is family.

We know that the young adult generation has great zeal and passion. Serving within a local church is a great way to express that zeal and grow in character. Patria has various serving opportunities where the young adults can get involved to serve and grow in maturity.

We now know that the young adult generation has great zeal. They do, however, still need the wisdom, guidance and insight of the generation that has gone before them (The Legends). We therefore encourage and guard a strong connection with the Legend group within Patria to share those stories of wisdom. This is a powerful equipping tool for the young adult generation to see them be the leaders that they are called to be.

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