We Apply Loving Kindness is an initiative committed to supporting community in providing assistance to improve quality of life, restore dignity and promote hope for the future. The aim is to help people get back on their feet, by discipling them how to budget, how to provide for themselves & how to be a good steward of their money and resources.

There is a lot of research in this field of social improvement and there is a correct way and a wrong way of assisting people.

Help people through sound discipleship practices!

“Pity is human emotion, but compassion is to know God’s heart for people”

Do Not:

  • Do not do anything people can do for themselves. The principle of work and reward is important.
  • Do not just give money. If you give be accountable.
  • Do not let dependency create a burden – (don’t do more than 50%, rather motivate and encourage).
  • Do not become the “rescuer” because this will reject any victim role.
  • To avoid a rescue, the person helped needs to show effort in return.
  • People who "selflessly" help others while expecting nothing in return are weakening the effectiveness of their efforts. A helper can expect an energetic effort to change & a willingness to work hard, and an eagerness to learn.
  • In most cases people over help & make the situation worse. Ask God to guide you when you work with people. High emotion results in low clarity.
  • Do not take up premature responsibilities, it cripples people being helped.
  • If you help people, there must be behavioural change. Effort needs to bear fruit. Always have eternal value in mind when helping people.

HELP THIS WAY (Some guidelines):

  • Ask lots of questions.
  • Fill in the assessment form – expenditure/income (get a picture of the situation).
  • Ask these questions:
    • What are you doing for yourself?
    • What else can you do?
    • What would you like me to do?
    • What will you do if I help you?
  • Biblical principles of trusting God must be established. Sowing and reaping and tithing principles. (It not our principles it is God’s way needs to be made clear).
  • Budget?
  • Teach to be good stewards.
  • Help to review expenditures.
  • Review lifestyle patters and expenditure patterns.
  • Give suggestions to make money like baby-sitting, house sitting, baking etc.
  • Discuss debt reduction - pay off small accounts. Advise creditors.
  • Apply loving discipline & ask for accountability.
  • Ultimately God is the provider. Pray & trust God & listen to His instructions.
  • Read the Bible!
  • Be patient.
  • As you reach out the Holy Spirit is faithful & will guide you & warn you. Pray that what you need to know will be brought into the light.
  • You will be encouraged as you see a person trust & submit & change.
  • Your faith will grow as you see how God provides & blesses.

Resources, job opportunities and willing helpers are needed. If you want to be involved or need help please contact Beth Cox (044 873 3922 or info@patria.co.za).

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