Prison / Parolee Ministry

Prison ministry within Patria is currently only focussed on men. We call it the "service to men by men". It is a two prong approach of service to men in prison and service to men out of prison. A memorandum of understanding has been signed between Patria and correctional services and government and church are working together to achieve lasting change. We want to see men restored to a better place and we influence and encourage them to impact their society, this time round, in a positive way.

There is weekly ministry into prisons and every second week-end Sunday services are done within the prison walls. Discipleship within the prison is done and the focus on inmates close to their exit is priority. To help men have a soft landing into society after prison life is imperative.

The parolee program currently on the way disciple men, skills are taught and these men are also given opportunities to develop themselves. We also help them to a point where they can step into meaningful work opportunities. Throughout the program a sense of purpose is created and informal work fills their days and helps them to earn money. In this period characters are built up and on the job discipleship is done. Regular feedback is given to correctional services.

Resources, job opportunities and willing men are needed. If you want to be involved please contact Joel Plaatjies or Neels Steyn (044 873 3922 or

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