Kingdom School

Kingdom School is a very important part of our equipping program. This school is used to transfer Biblical Truths and to establish people in their God-identity. The course is run over a year and is designed to challenge individuals to view their views and to ensure that they believe the Truth. We have a new intake each year in January and then run classes each Wednesday evening from 18:30 to 21:00 (excluding public and school holidays).

We have had tremendous testimonies come from Kingdom School where people were helped to understand the Bible, live in a personal relationship with God and be set free from previous wrong-beliefs that led to wrong-actions. We base everything we teach at Kingdom School on the words Jesus spoke when He exhaled Hid last breath on the cross: IT IS FINISHED!

The work was completed, the victory was won; we now have the amazing mandate as Christians to change the world by loving like Jesus did and discipling others into the Truth and into personal relationship with Jesus - All of this through HIS empowerment through the Holy Spirit.

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