Patria Kidz

Mothers Room

Our mother’s room is situated upstairs next to the parent gallery. The parent gallery is a specific area for dads and breast-feeding moms (there is a private area within the mother’s room). The mother’s room is equipped with a breast-feeding area, cushions, air-conditioning and speakers so that you can still follow the service! 

Crèche (Ages: 1 ½ -3)

Please register your child on arrival. Sorry we do not change nappies! Please sit under the balcony in main auditorium to be easily reachable!

Olive Shoots (Afrikaans: Dapper Stappers) (Ages:  4-6)

Children join the class from the start of the church service and enjoy a variety of activities, Bible teaching, singing, games and crafts. Please register your child upon arrival.

Grade 1-4 (Ages: 7 - 10)

The entire grade 1-4’s come together before the main service worship for a fun filled, action packed junior youth service with relevant teaching and multi-media.  After the kid’s praise and worship service, they split up into smaller groups for more activities.

Grade 5-7 (Ages: 11 - 13)

Our grade 6-7 join praise and worship in the main service and then leave for their classroom after end of praise and worship. Lessons are done in a small group relevant format.

We are focused on

Our strategy in Kidz ministry in Patria is simple and based on the values of family and discipleship. Jesus established the church (He is the head) to create an environment where young Christians can mature and expand the Kingdom of God in true relationship with Him. From this basis we now focus our efforts to do the following:

  1. Establish Biblical foundations
  2. Establish a Godly identity
  3. Develop and raise leaders

Our goal

We want children to love God and His body. They need to look forward to church life and experience life and joy. They need to understand truth based on the Word of God and understand who they are through the completed work of Jesus Christ and they need to understand that they must choose relationship with Jesus before they can live a restored life.

Children will always rise to the high standard of the Word of God if they are encouraged and influenced in family discipleship. Parents are the primary deciple leaders for the children and the aim is to support parents in that role. The parents are the fighter pilots and children ministry the ground crew. The battle is won and lost through the effectiveness of this combination. Our drive is depicted through this picture below.

How it is done

We use various tools to teach and equip the children and sometimes even the parents.

To establish Biblical foundations we utilise the Every Nation Purple book of Biblical foundations. The diagram below summarises the foundations presented through the year. Each foundation was interpreted for each age group and lessons compiled to align with the children’s level of understanding.

To establish identity we utilise the Freedom in Christ teachings for teens (ages: 10-14). This program is done specifically with the Grades 5-7 in combination with Biblical foundations. For the younger groups specific lessons are done to highlight their identity in Christ, again taking understanding levels into account.

Developing and raising leaders is done through working with children and creating opportunities to disciple others through encouragement and influence. Leadership FACTS is used as baseline:

  • Be Faithful
  • Be Available
  • Be Committed
  • Be Teachable
  • Be a Servant

Get involved

Patria KIDZ ministry is a strong volunteer based ministry. Currently over 60 volunteers help and assist in children ministry.

Many have grown through working with children. We have this saying: "You can never be the same after working with children".

If you want to get involved, whether it is arts, teaching, child minding, worship or multi-media, your help will have an impact.

Contact Rudi or Renet Steyn at


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