Speak Life and Shut the Hell Up

During a few talks, I’ve done an experiment by asking the audience to smile at me.  Afterwards I ask them if the act of smiling had lifted their mood.  The response has been affirmative every time.  If a small act such as a smile can temporarily change our emotional state, just imagine what our use of language can do. 

The other day I found a book entitled “Speak life, and shut the hell up.”  So often we don’t realize that our negative, faithless and critical speech can have a massive impact on our mood, our actions and certainly our future.  It’s as if we are unwittingly unleashing hell’s language into our lives and atmosphere.

But the contrary is also true.  In various places in the Bible we are instructed to be careful about our words and thoughts.  There is power in godly speech and thoughts, to transform not only our moods and destinies, but also the atmosphere in our city.  We are not talking about human positive thinking here.  Nor are we denying reality in an over the top “name it and claim it” theology.  Speaking life is a recognition of our reality, but a refusal to settle for anything less than God’s will in every situation.

In our families, jobs, friendships, finances and especially our congregation, let us speak life and faith.  In so doing we are positioning ourselves for God’s best.

Written By: Ruan Serfontein

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