Becoming Family, Becoming Team

Wow, what a whirlwind these last 3 and a half weeks have been for the Patria Training Centre (PTC)! Two weeks before the launch of the very first Year of Training (YOT), the staff team came together to prepare for the start of the year. It was a time of building team as we learned to work together on something that was being established. The picture of the PTC was being painted as each of us learned how to use our brush as part of the team.

The preparations included house and maintenance jobs as well as ordering uniforms, praying for the students, having interviews, planning for Orientation and much more. And then, on Saturday 16th January, the 6 students of this pioneering year were welcomed by an excited, expectant and eager staff and eldership team. That Sunday, Orientation commenced after a 15 minute drive which took us to our home base for 2 weeks. This time is intended to grow together as a team and to build trust in one another, the leaders and God. The students are presented with opportunities to push themselves to their limits and to then go beyond them.

They experience the power of encouragement and that there is no such thing as “I can’t”. As they go through pain, sweat and tears, they learn principles and write testimonies they can learn from for the rest of the year (and their lives).

Some feedback from a few of the studens:

“On the last day of hell week, I felt like I had given it everything and reached my limit. But as I kept pushing myself beyond that, I found a strength within that seemed to come out of ‘nowhere’. I surprised myself in what I was actually capable of.” - Rachel Fitch

“On Orientation, we run the ‘Killer Kilo’; a kilometre run well deserving of its name. As I was asking God for the strength and right attitude to do it, He used this opportunity to show me that I need to get rid of all the clutter and ‘I can’t’ thoughts that occupy my mind. As I put those things to the side, God gave me a strength to run like I haven’t before. This showed me the power I have in what I think.”- Wilanie

We are so excited to see what God will be doing throughout the year in the life of every one of the students. Bring it on!

Written By: Pierre Celliers

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